Behold the Poems!

Behold the Poems!

I’m happy to send you to The Sunlight Press to read two of my poems, Fika on Marstrand Island” and “StarDate: August 27 – Moon and Aldebaran.” 

These poems have been in process since my MFA program, and submitting poems for publication is hard.

This new online journal seems like such a nice fit for this pair. Look at the beautiful photography! And the editors have been so nice to work with.

I recently found little white flowers on the spider plant in my kitchen. I was surprised because I usually kill houseplants – even succulents, the ones everyone says are soooo forgiving. To me, these flowers meant I wasn’t doing everything wrong after all. The little cycle of watering and sun I’d settled upon had worked this time. Life!

So, yes, seeing these poems published feels a little bit like that.


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  1. I’m so happy for you. I don’t even understand the process of writing or publishing poetry. I can appreciate the struggle, though. So very proud of you for staying with it and sending your beautiful art out into the troubled world.

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