Author Interview with MY MOM!

Author Interview with MY MOM!

My mom, Kathy Nickerson, is releasing her first novel, Thirty Days to Glory, THIS WEEK! It’s a lovely Christmas story set in small-town America. I’m hoping it will be the first of a hot new genre I’m calling Granny Lit. (You read it here first, folks! Can I copyright that?) Available now on Amazon or from the publisher. In today’s post I have a little interview with the published author herself, but first, some old photos.

www.kathynick.com_matchingFelic www.kathynick.com_wendell&FelicYep, that’s me and Mom in matching outfits she made herself. This is way pre-Pinterest, people, which will make you laugh after you finish the interview. And that’s me and Dad. Don’t we look ready for adventure? And that’s our Spitfire convertible. Yep, before Serenity we were the coolest family ever (this will also make you laugh after the interview). So, without embarrassing anyone further, the interview.


Me: You have been writing novels as long as I can remember. How did you decide Thirty Days to Glory should be published first?

Kathy: Like most things in writing, this one was trial and error. I sent queries and proposals on three novels during the last few years. Glory seemed to get the most nibbles. So I revised and perfected and kept submitting it. The other two are waiting their turn.

Me: As a working mom who is also a full-time MFA student, I’m wondering how you found time to write books and magazine articles while we were growing up.

Kathy: Well, you probably don’t remember any gourmet meals. Or homemade cookies, for that matter. I didn’t do needlework. Or garden. Or drive you guys to a zillion sporting events. Writing was my hobby for many years, and I pursued it the way today’s mothers pursue Pinterest.

Me: Do you think writing is more of a career now than a hobby for you?

Kathy: I do. I’m sure some golfers have invested more time and money in their sport than I’ve put into writing. But my focus has changed. This isn’t just something I do for fun anymore. I see a real purpose in telling stories and connecting people to thoughts and possibilities.

Me: Does education make the difference between hobby and career? Or do you think it’s something more?

Kathy: Education certainly plays a role. I often tell people that just because I own a pair of scissors it doesn’t mean I’m qualified to cut hair. I’ll probably never seek a degree in this field, but I’ve taken several writing courses and attended workshops, and I will continue to learn from professionals in the future.

Me: I never thought I would want to be a writer, but now here I am! Isn’t it interesting that all three of your daughters are writers?

Kathy: I love that! I’m not sure what role genetics plays. Maybe you would all have been ballerinas if I’d danced in your youth. I also love the way you, Serenity, and Charity have each become writers with your own style and voice. And your brother, Joe, has written some pretty creative pieces, too. (Cue the jokes about your sibling names now.)

Me: One final question to follow up on yesterday’s post on Serenity’s blog. Is she really your favorite?!

Kathy: Of course not. I only said that on her blog so I don’t have to pay for her middle-child-syndrome therapy. You are obviously my favorite. [emphasis might be mine]

GIVEAWAY! My people will send a free copy of Thirty Days to Glory to the person who provides the best caption (in a comment below) for the above photo of me and Mom. Come on, think of it as a writing exercise! : )

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  1. I love love seeing these pictures! And I can’t wait to read Kathy’s book.
    Caption: MOTHER, my BELLY is showing! (haha pretty lame, but the picture sure isn’t, it’s precious) =)

    1. Here’s the really funny thing about that caption, Tiff. Mom had to crop this photo so that, as she put it, her navel wasn’t exposed on the Internet! : )

  2. I am not even going to write a new caption, because Tracy Hernandez has me in stitches!!!!!! And the second photo is totally Jesse dressed like a girl!

    1. I know! : ) ha ha! I found a picture of me from 5th grade not too long ago. It looks like Jesse with a perm wearing a hot pink sweater and chunky beads!

  3. (Don’t put me in the contest, cuz’ you know…) But…
    Caption: I hate being an only child.

    And, Mom, the bill is ON THE WAY. Traitor.

    (Also, seriously awesome post, awesome interview.)

  4. We all know Felic must have started talking at birth that’s why she is such a good speaker…

    Caption: She’s smiling because I totally just said my first sentence and I’m scared because I didn’t know I could do that!

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