Thankful Tuesday: Cousin Love

Thankful Tuesday: Cousin Love

Another Thankful Tuesday post with the MamaMonk blog:

In some of the British novels I like to read the sweetest love stories happen between first cousins. That was in the day when first cousins could (and often did) get married. To our modern sensibilities this may sound revolting, but if you’ve ever had a close relationship with your cousins, then you totally understand.

This weekend my baby sister (just to put that in a more reasonable perspective, she turns thirty next month) visited with her two brown-headed beauties and my kids were in cousin heaven. My Macy and Charity’s Nola literally held hands during as many activities as hand-holding was physically possible.

An unfortunate complication in these public displays of affection was that yesterday Macy tested positive for Strep. When the doctor (my Dad) wrote out the script for an antibiotic I told him he might as well write one for Nola, too. They shared everything this weekend!

Which is the nature of loving, I guess.

In a couple of weeks the cousins on my side of the family will have a small reunion for a Fiftieth Anniversary. These aren’t cousins I lived close to in proximity, but I admired them fiercely from a distance. (My first cat was named after my older, sophisticated cousin, Cindy. Now that cousin is a missionary and I’d name a child after her if I hadn’t already run out of them!) I’m looking forward to our time together, for ourselves and now our children.

When I look at my own daughters and the way they look up to their older boy cousins I can see how easy it would be to want to make this connection in families long ago. Who do you love more than your siblings or your siblings’ offspring? Some of my kids’ cousins look so much like them they could be mistaken for siblings. Others, like Nola and Macy, couldn’t look more different but share so many similarities in spirit that it is amazing to watch them interact.

So today I’m thankful for cousins! Do you have special cousin bonds?

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  1. Oh, I love cousin-love! I don’t really have a bond with my cousins. (Which is too bad.) But my son August desperately loves his cousin Blythe. She’s one year older and two inches shorter than my lanky boy. And she’s a dancer! And he rescues her from dragons in just about every story I tell. I love seeing their friendship and the way they understand (as only preschoolers can) the importance of their friendship…even from miles away.

    Thanks for linking up Felicity!

  2. As you know, I didn’t have any cousins since neither of my parents had siblings who lived to adulthood. I probably adore these relationships even more because of that.

    1. Kathy, I’m in the same boat. Mom was an only child and Dad had a brother that died in infancy. My grandparents on the other hand, had a bunch of siblings, so I have second cousins all around Knox County. There were 3 of us in my grade in school, and several in the grades around me.

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