Welcome to My Club!

Welcome to My Club!

Care for some tuna sandwiches and sweet tea?

I’ve been listening to my girls play “club” lately. They take turns outside on the back patio conducting their own clubs with the neighborhood children. They herd them into white plastic chairs and teach them a “lesson” as they thumb through a well-used spiral notebook. Usually they scour the cabinets for a few remaining bags of fruit snacks or a pack of mostly non-crushed graham crackers to pass out to the faithful assembly. Sometimes they can only find stale saltines.

I have three daughters and they each have their own club. The funny thing is, all the members of each club are essentially the same. It’s just that when it’s Ada’s club day then she gets to be in charge and so on down the line to Macy. On her club day stuffed animals are always involved.

I’m pretty amazed by the members of these clubs. They seem very patient, willing, and generous with their time. They raise their hands. They come back each afternoon even though the snacks are less than gourmet and the teaching can be didactic and simple.

They come because that’s what friends do. They visit each other’s clubs.

So, thanks for doing that for me here on this blog. Thanks for coming to my club. When I started this post I thought I’d make some kind of clever comment on the analogy of how our blog world is like my daughters’ clubs and how we also probably take ourselves too seriously and how we also share most of the same members and aren’t we silly. But I totally changed my mind. Instead I feel grateful. It’s just nice to have you here even when the snacks are sub-par and the lessons are old.

Now, where can I find your club? If I’ve never commented on your blog, be sure to leave me a comment here. I probably just haven’t found your backyard yet!

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  1. I love your club. It’s so bright and airy here! (I’m ready for mine to be bright and airy again…Oh Da-aaan!) :)This is pretty much adorable – your girls and their clubs and the faithful attendees. I’ve never burned out on blog writing, but I’ve noticed I don’t go find new ones very often – or when I do, I mostly think DARN IT, more places I’ll WISH I could visit more! πŸ™‚ I need to get back in the habit of dropping by other clubs now and then. It’s the beauty of the internet that we can without having to pay dues or anything!

  2. My club is inactive at the moment. πŸ™‚ But I do appreciate being allowed in yours and I agree with Kathy about the “snacks”. I just wish we could have real-life clubs after school at the age we are now. Work takes too many hours from the day. πŸ™

  3. My club has been inactive too, although life itself is not. I thank God for your club, and your mothers, and sisters clubs.

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