This Year’s Best

This Year’s Best

I’m planning to enjoy the last week of the year without writing any new blog posts. If you are here, though, and looking for something to read on that new iPad of yours (or your same old laptop but with holiday time on your hands), I made a list of the top posts from this year from Rare Rocks along with some of my comments.

1. With Facebook as My Witness from Februrary

I feel like I wrote this a couple of years ago! It’s still advice I give often concerning a problem I actually see getting worse. Most of the time it could be summed up as saying, “Play nice, everyone!” But there are other concerns with Facebook and social networking in general that I know we haven’t even begun to figure out.

2. The Problem with Smart Girls (Part One) from March

This was one of my favorite pieces to write because the topic was so close to my heart (and my reality with three little girls!). I’ve also applied the principles to my own life and hope to continue that into my New Year. It didn’t have as many hits, but I think Part Two was pretty good stuff, too.

3. Beautiful, Fragile Jars from April

This one has become an all-time favorite post because it brought together some ideas I had been thinking about for years. I just needed the right context, I guess, for being able to express it well.


I hope you take a bit of time to review your own year. It helps us be more intentional going into the next when we remind ourselves of what worked and what didn’t in the previous.

All the best to you and yours!


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  1. Lovely. I love looking back on the year, and I love LOVE looking forward to the next. New Year’s Eve is my unofficial favorite holiday, Christmas being the official of course.

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