I often mention books here or summarize their best points.

In this post I want to BEG you to get this one for yourself and read it. I took my time with it’s almost 135 pages (it’s a handy little size) and let each chapter soak in deep before I moved on to the next. It’s been in my purse for weeks. I literally pull it out, read a little, and then have to put it away and think deep about what I’ve just read.

I took it along on a trip to Wyoming. In Starbuck’s I read one section – a list to help you determine if you have elder brother qualities – out loud more than once. (The answer to the question for me, if you are wondering, is YES.)

I’ve long admired Keller’s life and work, but only through video clips now and then.

I love a book that gives language to my hunches and also challenges my understanding of Christianity’s authentic expression. This one also renewed in me a love for and appreciation of the gospel in a way that appealed to my mind and my soul. A perfect combination.

I hope you’ll check it out. I know it will be the inspiration for some upcoming blog posts. In fact, after reading it I wondered if I should change the focus of my blog altogether! Yeah, it’s going to mess with you.

If you have read it already (I know I’m late to this party), would you like to discuss? How were you challenged or affirmed by Keller’s message? Did it inspire action in you or maybe worship? I’d love to hear!

7 Replies to “THE PRODIGAL GOD”

  1. Yes I have read it and actually wrote about it here:
    That would be my discussion and the way it affected me. It is on my list of all time favorites.
    I just finished his latest “Kings Cross” and keep thinking I’ll do a blog post on it…….but Sam is walking now…..need I say more πŸ™‚ One of these days, or if you read it you can write the review for both of us, how about that? πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, Andrea, a perfect post to give even more idea what Prodigal God is really about. So powerful. I think I would recommend it to almost anyone.

      I’m definitely have Keller books at the top of my list right now. Also heard good things about Generous Justice.

  2. Well, I’m convinced. I went back and read Andrea’s post too. Definitely seems like a book I would love. And I kind of like being messed with. πŸ™‚

  3. I will be reading it this summer! Don has read it and it impacted him a great deal. It often finds its way into many of our conversations and many of his sermons. I look forward to reading it!

  4. I was reading it until someone stole it from me, but I’m looking forward to finishing it this summer as well.

    (also, I didn’t mind because she is crazybeautifulhot and I caught the highlights of the book as we’ve been discussing it)

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