Post-Vacation Sweet List

Post-Vacation Sweet List


Birthday Bike

After a few days of vacation in Dan’s beloved Omaha (hOme-aha to him), I have a few reflections.

These things are sweet:

1. Connection time. Dan and Macy share a birthday. When he greeted her Saturday morning with, “Happy Birthday!” She replied with, “And Happy Birthday to you!”

My youngest sister, Charity, and I spent one morning getting haircuts and then eating lunch at a trendy spot we’d both wanted to try. We even day-dreamed a little together as we drove around. Those are fun times you don’t get often when you live 6 hours apart.

Another evening we gathered around Papa Don’s fire pit and roasted marshmallows for s’mores. As Claire crammed in a bite of gooey mess she chirped, “We should do this every night.”

2. Surprises. First of all, we expected to swelter in the June heat. But it felt more like spring the entire weekend.This was a pure gift, friends.

Second, one of Dan’s cousins had an extra ticket to see Wicked in its final show at the Orpheum theater in Omaha. I went with her, and it blew my mind! Have you seen it? How have you kept this secret from me, world?! During the first big surprise, I inhaled audibly and smacked myself in the chest. For the final and biggest surprise, I slapped the thigh of the young man next to me who was so tall his knees were close to the ears of the lady sitting in front of him. He was on his fourth showing. Now we’re in it together, he and I and the rest of the Wicked devotees. I wouldn’t dare spoil it for you; the surprises are so fun. The story alone was fascinating. (Have you read the novel?) Then add spectacular music, talented performers, and a funny script . . . I was over the moon with inspiration and pure enjoyment. (What beloved story could I re-invent? Now that sounds like a great way to make a living!)

3. Unscheduled, flexible days. Dan and I both work full-time; our kids go to year-round school. Add in sports teams, dance performances, heath appointments, and various church and family events, and we don’t find ourselves with many unscheduled days. We took our time on this vacation. Two of the days we made the choice just to stick around the house and relax. Naps were taken, magazines were perused, movies were watched, and restaurants were enjoyed.

By personality I am tempted, even while on vacation, to look at the event as a means to solving the problems of the world. All the talk time! We could surely plan out our next 20 years together. All the free time! I bet I could finish those twenty-five books on my desk at work. For example, I sat through the first half of Wicked analyzing whether or not it was produced with a post-Christian emphasis on reversing the definitions of right and wrong. By the conclusion of that second half, I gave up. Elphaba soared at the top of center stage singing “Defying Gravity” while lights, smoke, and the rest of the cast accentuated her dramatic climb. I knew my analysis was over. I allowed the story free access to my heart and smiled, clapped, and gasped through the rest of the show.

These were the sweet spots. Do you have vacation plans? I think you should, even if it just means an unscheduled day around the house with the people you love, a movie or series you’ve been meaning to catch, or a quiet drive to a yet-to-be-determined location. Find a sweet spot.

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  1. Yes! I love this feeling after you’ve been away for a bit and tried new things. And, SIGH, the only thing I ever hear about Wicked is how awesome it is but no details whatsoever. This was a slightly more descriptive version of “It’s awesome” even, so now I’m beside myself wanting to see it. It’s so on The List.

    1. I just got back from a week vacation in California, visiting my parents. Harold & Evan had to stay home because of work & finances so it was a luxury to have all that time & my parents to myself. It was the perfect balance of relaxation & activity. Great post!

  2. I love, love, love Wicked. I saw it in NYC and Chicago. Both were fabulous, there was nothing like seeing it in New York on Broadway. Carol Cane was the administrator of the school ( can’t remember her character’s name.) I’m so glad you saw it.

  3. I want to see Wicked! I read the book, fell in love, read it again…..and now have the play on my lifewishlist.

    And secondly, what a GREAT picture on this post. You, and your family, are a breath of fresh air.

  4. Oh man. What a GREAT play! I saw it when they came to Cleveland and actually had the soundtrack memorized before I saw it which made for an interesting experience. The songs tell a lot of the story but having never read the book there were quite a few moments when I was watching it that I thought, “Whoa, wait. What?!” because of my preconceived idea of what happened. Luckily for me it was even better than what I had imagined. Still get verklempt over For Good. Powerful stuff.

  5. I LOVE Wicked. “Defying Gravity” gives me chills every time, and “For Good” makes me sniffle every time. So so so good.

    These sweet spots are super sweet. Love ’em.

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