Bless Mine, Bless Me

Bless Mine, Bless Me

On the evening before the new school year opened, we asked each of the kids if they would share with us two things we could pray about for them during the next day. Their requests were full of the usual kid-sized pleas for obedience, fun, and good-ness.

Macy contributed an honest, “About being shy?” I didn’t know she was even aware of that as something to be overcome. She’s four years old. Since she’s come home both days with a grin from ear to ear and bouncing non-stop until bedtime, I’d say things are working out for her.

Jesse’s request was also general but genuine, “Just nervous about everything, I guess.” I didn’t think 5th grade would be much of a concern to him, but he’s expressed that thought more than once in the last few weeks.

Imagine my joy, then, when he came home after the first day full of hope and excitement. His teacher has given their room a Monopoly theme complete with locally named properties and special prizes (including a chance at a private plane ride). Jesse was all smiles. Every fear dissipated. My little boy back. At least for now.

If it’s possible, I feel even more thankful when someone takes care of my children than when they do something for me.

I suppose it’s similar for God. Bless mine, He says, and you bless me.


*Note about school: We’re year-rounders here. We get a three week break when it is time to switch grade levels (most of June) and then we’re back at it. We also get a one-week break about every six weeks, including extra time at Christmas. Just wanted to make sure you knew this wasn’t a re-post from last fall!

*Note about photo: That’s Jesse swinging on an artificial vine in the Jungle exhibit at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, NE.

8 Replies to “Bless Mine, Bless Me”

  1. On a personal level, this post thrills me. I love how your kiddos embrace each new season. And Macy wanting you to pray about her being shy!

    But what I love most about this post is the theme. “Bless mine, bless me.” What an encouraging way to look at our lives. I can take that one to work today.

  2. Your words and your precious little family never cease to touch my heart! 🙂
    Thank you for allowing me to get a little glimpse into your heart and life.

  3. OK, so I have to be honest, the very first thing I thought when I read this was “Man, I’m a bad parent because I didn’t ask my kids what I could pray about for them.” 🙂
    All parenting comparisons aside, I love your thoughts here. For years now (about 13 to be exact), we’ve judged any new restaurant by how they treat our kids. I used to wonder how we can actually bless God, because He’s the grand-pooh-bah after all. When we bless those He’s created, then we bless Him.

    1. I live around the corner from you guys, and you taught me the Disciplines of Life. Your kids are little and I remember when mine were that age, my one big prayer was slow them down. Shyness? Stress? For the Whites, come on! God sure knew how to bless an over the hill lady, with friends that have the attitude to speak what has to be spoken and have little ones that understand so young. You are a RARE ROCK in my life that has taught me so much in more ways than I could ever imagine.

    2. I was there for a minute, too, Carol! But then I had these thoughts. Although my mom and dad were amazing, wonderful and loving parents, they weren’t quite at the place that I think Nickerson’s were when raising their kiddos. I didn’t know to even think about doing this till I read it. SO. We are doing it now! Don’t beat yourself up. It is a training we are learning and then our kids will remember and they will do it with our kids! Do it now. They won’t remember that it wasn’t on the first day. In fact, it might be a good “wrap up the first week” question!

      1. I’m pretty sure Dan and Felic didn’t learn this from us:) I usually was happy if I remembered to get a First Day of School Picture! They are doing a much better job than we did at that stage.

        1. You are all funny! Pretty sure this is the first year it even crossed my mind to ask that question. It was really just a sneaky way of trying to get inside their little heads. As they grow, I realize I need to keep those communication lines as open as possible and I’m looking for every highway between my ears and their mouths!

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