Just Do Something

Just Do Something

I think this is pretty good advice most of the time. I don’t always follow it, but I would usually be in better shape if I did.

I’ve got this test coming up but I don’t know where to start. Just do something. Re-read a chapter. Review a quiz. Something.

Look at this laundry room: overwhelming! Just do something. Pick one basket to fold. Sort into piles. Something.

I’d love to create a water garden out here but it would be so expensive. Just do something! Clear a path. Plant a hosta. Something.

You see where I’m going with this?

A couple of weeks ago Dan hosted a songwriting challenge, remember? And we wrote songs together almost every night. One of the nights Jesse wrote the song and on the last night Dan wrote one mostly alone because I fell asleep in the chair, but otherwise I was there. : ) We did something. And we learned that there was stuff to be created. It was there all along just waiting for us to find it, dive for it, bring it to the surface.

Today as a close to my speech class we watched the movie Amazing Grace – the story of William Wilberforce’s fight to end the slave trade in England. Not sure how I’ve missed this movie; perhaps it was God’s doing since I likely would have driven myself mad by now trying to discover my own great cause to champion!

For some reason watching it today made me a little blue. In the movie there is so much evidence for the power of bringing attention to a problem and seeing something change. I see so many things, though, in this mucky world of ours that I’d like to change and I get overwelmed at the options. So much to do, so little Felicity to go around! I have, in fact, one cause that I mull around often. I’ve toyed with it as the backdrop of a novel. I’ve also wondered if it should be a non-fiction piece instead, and the dilemma just serves to paralyze me.

But today I took action. On the short drive to pick up the girls after school I imagined what would happen if the heroine of my novel met the real-life person I’ve considered for the non-fiction piece. I introduced them to one another as they took their seats on an international flight and guess what? They had things to talk about. They had a conversation that I had to write down: the first concrete piece of writing I’ve done on this novel I’ve been writing in my head for over a year.

Who knows if any of it will stick. I may hate it in the morning. But it is done. Something was created. And I’m going to bed quite proud of myself.

What something will you do today? It doesn’t have to be big or life-altering to satisfy. Just do something.

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  1. I so get this desperate feeling that you’re supposed to give something worthwhile but you’re unsure exactly what it is, so you’re paralyzed instead. Always when I write even a few paragraphs on a novel I feel better. The paralyzed feeling is sometimes accompanied by waiting for other people to do something for me. So I think when we ‘just do something’ we’re putting the responsibility back on ourselves and we know at least we’re doing our part. It will feel great to succeed, but it also feels pretty good to try.

  2. Good advice. I may need to bookmark this post and re-read it periodically.
    And the movie “Amazing Grace” is good, thought provoking, and stirring. Good choice for the last class.

    1. Yes, especially considering our focus on the power of persuasive speech – Wilberforce was at the top of that game!

  3. How very cool! I’m happy for you, and inspired in both the writing and the worthy-causes-that-need-action areas of my own life.

  4. So true. Last night, I had to make a phone call that was most dreaded, as it was something from my recent past I had to take care of with a certain family member. I actually mulled over not calling, just writing, calling when I knew it would be late enough they would not answer, then just leave a message. Then, in the end, I took a breath, asked God to help me Just do it, and did it! The call went surprisingly well, and I have NO regrets about it or making amends with my aunt. I think I need this outlook in more areas of my life, very fitting for today Felic!! Thank you! 😉

  5. I love how your blog looks — and excited to see the next phase too! Your post is so, so true! I hate the paralyzed feeling, and this is a good reminder of how to move past it! Thanks Felic!

  6. Picture me standing on the roof applauding. That is how I felt when you said you actually wrote something down for this novel I’m so eager to read!! Well-done!

    Just do something is so brilliant. I’m taking shoes to the Thrift Store at lunch!

  7. Wow. Crying while on my way out to the back yard to work on that corner of the yard I’ve been looking at. Hello sweat, here I come!

  8. Felicity, I find these words to be very inspiring. If there is a country called Procrastination, then I would be king. If there is a company called Afraid of Mediocrity, then I would be CEO. So what do I do about it? Usually…Nothing. Maybe tomorrow…

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