Creative Encouragement

Creative Encouragement

My husband is hosting a songwriting challenge on his blog this week called 5in5. The participants (including the two of us as a team) are committing to writing five songs in five days. Last night’s third song was completed just under the deadline! And I heard that story from more than one of the groups.

We’ve learned a lot about ourselves during the project and Dan is planning a reflection post after the week is over, but I have one observation that has meant the most to me so far.


Last night as we tweaked and scrubbed the song we were working on, I heard a sweet noise coming from Jesse’s room. I walked through his dark room to find him seated on the floor of his lighted closet with a notebook and pen in his hand. He was humming out the tune to the words he was writing down in his neat 4th grade penmanship.

“What’cha working on, Jess?”

“A song.”

Because, apparently, we do that now. We write songs. Every morning this week he has asked to hear the songs we worked on the night before. I guess he finally decided to give it a shot himself. Because he can. Somehow, because we tried, it gave him permission.

And that is worth everything.



Also check out Serenity’s take on why creating matters. So good.

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  1. Ahhh! Awesome! Gave him permission….so perfect. This week has been a life changer for sure. Noah has been my critic this week, simply because he has been there listening too me. He is starting piano lessons with me today, and totally because he has heard me play more than he ever has in his young life. This was a great post!

  2. How sweet!
    Just wanted to let you know that you guys are giving permission to more than just your kids too. I listened to Ruth’s lullaby the other day (listened to all the songs actually) and wrote one later that evening. I’ve been singing it to Connor and he seems to like it. So, keep “giving permission”, you never know who is listening.

    1. Kathie, I wrote a lullaby for my first grandchild before she was born and have sung it to every grandchild since! And I had a special little song I sang to both of my girls, too. Keep singing it… your song will become a family treasure!

      And Felicity… I have LOVED listening to the songs! What a great idea for a challenge!

  3. I love this. I used to write by my closet light after bedtime. How cool that Jesse is really into your project, and is trying it on his own. (Of course, he comes from a musical family!)

  4. I wasn’t going to admit this except in private to you and Dan, but after this post and the whole idea of “permission”, I’ll just say it gave me permission to write a song too! I used to write songs all the time when I was younger, but somewhere through the course of time decided I was too old 🙂 Your songs stirred something in my heart and I responded! Thanks for this God-idea of the 5in5 and for sharing it with all of us!

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