Changing Things Up

Changing Things Up



We love pizza around here but we’re trying to eat a little more consciously. Not to get all crazy about it, but we want to help the kids develop healthy habits. This tasted so fresh and light. Super easy recipe: bake refrigerated pizza dough, mix dry ranch seasoning into light mayo and spread on cooled crust, top with cooked turkey bacon, chopped lettuce and tomatoes.

Maybe you’ll be inspired to try it.

We’ve re-discovered joy in our evening routines lately. Dan is cooking earlier meals and we’re having time to settle in for a real time of conversation and fellowship around our tall table. As a result, the kids are moving toward bed at a slower and less stressful pace.

Meanwhile, Dan and I are actually practicing some of our Dream Year lessons and the effect on our family is positive. I’ve been blogging five times a week now for about six weeks. Our evening tv watching is way down, and, big surprise, we’re actually producing instead of consuming. It’s a good feeling. (Speaking of Dream Year, if you are available June 3-5 and could get to Washington, D. C., you should attend the next Dream Year weekend. Highly recommended as a jump start for taking real action toward your next step in life.)

Now, about being productive. Since I’ve proved to myself that I can write a little bit every night, I’m ready to dive into some non-blog stuff. Brave, I know. I’m not assuming that you are waiting around hanging on my every word, but I’m wondering if you would have a preference for regular posting days if I cut back to two posts a week? Like Monday mornings? What about Saturdays – it seems like no one blogs on the weekends? Or do you even care if it is the same days? Thoughts? Now that I’m used to writing a little every night, I’d like to transfer some of my blogging time into other projects as well.

I’m all about small changes that I can live with. Made any good ones lately?

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  1. Felic I would be ok with two posts a week and it wouldn’t have to be set days, especially if that meant it may produce some longer insights into subject you are passionate about being available for your classes, Church or … publication. 🙂
    As for the pizza, we actually have a similar one planned for a meal this week. For pretty much the same reasons.
    As for good changes, moving was a great change and we already seem to be more content when we get home. Probably helps that we are only unpacking what we need and getting rid of the extra.;)

      1. New house, just as old as the last one but its been taken care of. More energy efficient, cleaner, and inviting. It feels like home I think because we are purposely not overstuffing it and there is a space inside and out to have family time in and, hopefully soon, entertain in. Three things that have become important to us.

  2. I wore a skirt and pointy toe heels to work today… that’s a big change for me 🙂 I did it for my husband who likes to have me dressed well because it makes him feel like he’s provided well, which he does ever so generously. I’ve actually been inspired (kinda by Char’s blogging last week… little changes toward a worthwhile goal) to do it more often, so we’ll see! It’s amazing how it does affect how you feel and your perspective on the day at work when you’re dressed nicely, not just in new clothes but clothes that fit the bill if that makes any sense. Somehow it helps you to feel the part you’re playing more. You get me?
    Anyway, in regards to your blogging, I must admit I’ll miss your everyday stuff… but I have a feeling I’ll at some point or another get to enjoy the products of the other stuff you’ll be working on too. So feel free to cut down to two days, any two are fine by me. I do like the idea of finding something to read on Saturday, since most blogs are silent then.
    Oh, and I am so trying that pizza recipe out soon!

    1. Oh, the heels! I saw them and they look great! 🙂

      I’ve been painting my fingernails lately. Boys are so predictable.

          1. Me too! I was thinking, “Her nails are pretty”, should have told you instead of just thinking it 🙂

  3. My small changes have been mostly mindset ones. Instead of thinking I NEED a couple more hours of sleep after my husband leaves for work, I stay up and tidy my house from the night before, make my bed, and accomplish a few things for work, helping me get closer to my goal of management this year, all before 10a. This makes me feel like I am able to get everything on my list done without feeling over tired or like my list is never ending. It also has given me time to really utilize my gym membership and get into a good class routine, so that I am able to reach yet another goal, to become a Zumba instructor. I am finding that small changes in my daily routine are making my goals and dreams in my year of turning the BIG 30 a lot more realistic. I love you blogs, and any amount, whether it be 2 or 5, and on whatever days you are inspired to do so is fabulous with me Felic!!

    1. Thanks, Jess. Oh, the getting out of bed. I need to do the “just a bit earlier” thing to squeeze in work-outs. Tough!

  4. In the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University course, we learned to take charge of our money and make it go where it should rather than letting it slip through our fingers. I took that principle and applied it to my time. Since the beginning of the year, I have been trying to take charge of my time and not let it slip by so easily. Like many others, I wear many different hats, and I’m finding I am accomplishing more in each area by making definite time slots for each area each day. I also set some definite goals back in January and have slowly been accomplishing them. To quote Don’s favorite moving…. “I’m doin’ the work. I’m baby-steppin'”

  5. No new changes for me lately. Still plodding along with my writing. And the meal thing still isn’t happening for me. I really wanted to become a cook after this go-round, but I don’t want to do the work that goes with that. I have been reading a lot more. Before I didn’t see how I could read a book when I felt I should be writing one (my own personal dream-yearish stuff). But now I don’t see how I can write well if I don’t read more. And I get so overwhelmed by all the blog-reading I want to do that it actually helps me if my faves stagger their writing.

  6. Hi! First time here, I think. For me, there are so many changes I need to make in my life – big ones and little ones. Some drastic, some not so drastic. What I need to do, is just…do it – rather that simply think about them or let fear get in the way.

    I’ve bookmarked your blog and will definitely be back again! Hope you’ll stop by mine :o).

  7. Although I look forward to your daily blogs, you know I want you to transfer some of that energy into other projects, too! I am determined to walk this year, even if only fifteen minutes a day. So far, I’ve done pretty well. And the difference in my energy and attitude is amazing!

    I’m so trying this pizza, too. Or, better yet, could I hire Dan?

  8. My changes have been more food oriented…due to WW and eating that way is just so expensive! I have been sitting down every 2 weeks and writing out a menu. Then, going over things and making sure I only make a shopping list of things I need. Totally specific…2 cans of this, 4 of this. I have been under budget now for a whole month! I am also not doing the processed food thing. As much. Fixing real meat and sides. Takes a lot of time, but worth it in the end, I hope. How did your kids like the pizza? Mine did eat one stalk of asparagus last night, but that was after bribing. Not sure how they would go for the pizza…??

    1. Jesse had to take off his tomatoes – he’s not a fan. Macy actually didn’t eat it well at all; she mostly ate the bacon. 🙂

  9. We’ve done the limited tv thing, too, lately. Seems like a no-brainer, but we were surprised by how much time it freed up for other stuff. We didn’t think we watched that much, but it’s sooo easy to just plop down when you’ve been busy or tired. And we’ve been both. 🙂
    I tend to be a creature of habit, so if you did blog on specific days I would enjoy the predictability. But I’ll still love you and read if you don’t. 🙂

  10. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about producing instead of consuming. Good stuff, Felicity.

    I will read whenever you post, my dear – always glad to see your words. And by the way, that pizza looks amazing.

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