Letter from Claire to Ellery

Letter from Claire to Ellery

Our daughter Claire is a surviving twin. Shortly after their premature birth, Ellery went to Heaven while Claire stayed here with us. Because of this unusual circumstance, Claire seems to have an intimate connection with eternal thoughts and Heavenly speculation. But even though I am often amazed by the questions she asks me, I hadn’t considered how her relationship with her twin sister might develop over time. Now eight years old, Claire wrote a letter at church this week that I thought I’d emotionally torture you with as well. : )

The letter is hand-printed in purple marker onto bright orange construction paper.

Dear Ellery
I miss you very much
I know you are special to me
I love you very much
and I have sisters.
and 1 brother too.

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  1. As though Ellery might need to know that Claire is okay, so Claire is easing her mind. Oh the pull between those that share the same womb. This has always fascinated me. I myself see Ellery as a baby cherub angel, helping those around her in heaven. Thank you for sharing Felic. =)

  2. Yeah, I was a little emotionally tortured when I saw the original letter. But it is somehow even more heart-wrenching in this reproduction. Eternity really is set in our hearts, isn’t it?

  3. That’s so precious! When our surviving twin, Paul (now 29), was young, he used to frequently say, “I miss Luke!” It always caused my heart to ache. Reading Claire’s letter did the same thing! The connection of twins is very real and very eternal!

    I’ve been reading “Heaven is for Real”, about a four year old boy who went to heaven while on the operating table. The glimpse of heaven it provides, is very comforting!

  4. Felicity, I have been catching up on your posts from the top down so you already had me very emotional with the post regarding lent and the responses of everybody. Then I make my way down to this post and am moved again toward Christ and eternity by my beautiful granddaughter. She knows more about eternity than I do and I am very thankful for that. As you suspect, I was also moved to shed a few tears!

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