Flash Mob Mentality

Flash Mob Mentality

If there is one thing we should all thank the Internet for it is random flash mob videos. What a joyful invention. How lucky are we to live in an era when semi-spontaneous public group dancing is socially acceptable? (And what DOES this mean about our culture?)

Here’s a good example:

Maybe the flash mob isn’t as appealing to you, but I love the community mentality, the spirit of surprise, and the expression of simple joy.

And after watching that, I wonder:

Where are you in the flash mob? Are you a lead dancer? Are you a bystander with your camera phone in the air? Maybe an organizer or producer of the event itself?

And my next question: Who wants to plan a flash mob so I can be in it? I’ll be one of those people who looks like she’s in the crowd but then joins in when the moves get bigger and less artistic. If someone else can handle the administration and the choreography, I can supply personality and enthusiasm! : )

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  1. Definitely administration…

    Quincy or Hannibal? Where can we do it that we won’t get arrested? We’ll need to setup a place to practice that is similar to the venue we pick so we can get the marks set approximately. A cappela, or do we need some kind of sound system? How many people will we need? How will we get them all there and in place at the right time without arousing suspicion?

    Let me know if your serious and enough other people want to help.

    1. Well, I’m definitely serious . . . not sure of the venue. Let’s keep our eyes open. And you are definitely an administrator! : )

  2. Nothing brings a smile to my face like a good flash mob, espically when it’s a gloomy day… then i pop on to youtube, and watch improv everywhere, or something to that effect. i’ve always wanted a part of something like this, to be a part of, in the audience anything!!! thanks for making this Monday better than it already was.

  3. Ok, call it postpartum hormones if you want, but this video brought tears to my eyes. The unity of the group, the sheer joy emanating from the dancers and the bystanders, the easy enthusiasm of the moment…ooh yes I would love to be a part of something like this. Strangely enough I really felt the presence of God when I was watching it. I think He must have enjoyed the flash mob as well!;-)

  4. Erin, I had the same reaction – it felt like something more than just happy. And I’m OK with that; I think God is big enough! : )

  5. Oh yeah – these are nothing but fun! I’m in the later part of the scene like you, Felicity; joining in when it’s really a “mob”. But then when I think about it, I’d really love the surprise of it happening all around me when I wasn’t expecting it, too. I’d get just as much fun out of it – maybe more! – to be an active participant by thoroughly enjoying watching from the sidelines. These are awesome.

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