Heart-Shaped Thoughts

Heart-Shaped Thoughts

Some things passing through my brain lately in heart-shaped thoughts:

1. Pray for my sis, Serenity, today. She has a lung biopsy (needle) on a suspicious spot. Procedure needs to go smoothly and that little nodule needs to be nothing. Thanks. UPDATE (3:00 p.m.): The procedure when great! Results to come.

2. I thumbed through an old book by Derek Prince on fasting. He believed the purpose of fasting is to humble ourselves before God, because fasting reminds us of how reliant we are on our flesh for our peace. Wow. That hit hard. I had always thought of fasting as a way to prove to God how strong I was, but it is a better tool to show me how weak I am. That makes a lot more sense.

3. Macy has been sick with strep throat. On Sunday night I put on another Barbie movie, arranged all her blankets and animals, refilled her water cup, and headed out of the room to do something on my list. “You OK, sis?” I asked her as an afterthought. “No. I just want sumbody to be wif me.” Yes, I got my own blankie and watched Barbie with her for the millionth time.

4. Claire got her cast off (super traumatic experience; If I was a more inventive person I would figure out a way to get those things off silently and without so many tears). I had ordered the design for her transition brace over the phone. The guy told me, “I have one called “Cool Babes” – it is hot pink with dancing dolls on it. My seven year-old loves it.” Sounds great. When they pulled it out to show us on Wednesday I noticed that those dancing dolls had bare midriffs. And prominent belly buttons. Claire noticed it, too. At home I used a Sharpie and gave them all “black undershirts.”

5. My husband made the first payment on my student loans last night. And he didn’t complain, even though it was an expense we had sort of forgotten about and spoiled our plans for some unexpected money we had recently been given. He is my favorite.

How about you? Any heart-shaped thoughts today?

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  1. 1: I really wanted to play the Charlie Brown Christmas CD this morning in the car while driving Derek to school. I did, bracing for his reaction. He smiled at me and said,”it’s okay, I like it mom”.
    2: A very chilly but bright sunshine type of morning, brings the promise of a Thanksgiving spent with family in MO.
    3: A resilient cousin who is going to have a biopsy done today that will produce a benign result.
    4: Happy places such as this blog, that I can go to, to feel warm.


  2. 1. Those black sharpie-made undershirts and being “wif somebody” and reading “he’s my favorite” gave me definite heart-shaped thoughts for you! You’re a treasure sweet Felicity!

  3. I love it when you visit my blog, Tiffy! You make places happy. πŸ™‚

    Thanks, Cheri’ – I enjoyed reading about your lovely grandmother on your blog this morning. πŸ™‚

  4. Oh, my, those nasty cast saws! Ev had to have 3 or 4 different body casts removed during his hip trauma. I still am haunted by how traumatic that was for him~

    Praying for Seren and all of you of course.

    Husbands are the best. Unable to afford an IPad, Harold got me a Nook which should be here any day! (When my folks were in Malaysia last month someone gave my DAD an IPad. How can he have better technology than me? No fair!)

    Thanks for the fasting info. I have that book packed away somewhere. I’ll have to find it now!

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