Sometimes a good song . . .

. . . just makes everything better. Even if it isn’t. I think it has to do with our unmet longing for an unfiltered relationship with God. Adam and Eve had that, you know, a relationship with God free of religion and laws and questions. Then things changed when an enemy convinced Eve that God didn’t have her best interests in mind. She believed him just like most of us do too often. Now we’re stuck waiting for things to be made fully right again.

It helps to hear songs like this. I’ve heard this one by Kari Jobe on the radio recently, and it is the kind of song that just hangs around in my soul for a long time after I hear it. It’s so personal and just the kind of song I sometimes need to remind me to think beyond now. To be reminded of how God really feels about me.

“I Know That You Are For Me.”

(If you can’t stand the PTL set, just click to another tab and listen to the song anyway!)

To Begin

Well, it has been a BIG weekend. A wonderful, long, BIG weekend!

Dan has a recap here. Mom has one here.

I’m not even sure how to write about the experience of finally graduating from college.

Right now, one thing has become surprisingly clear: this is more of a beginning than an ending for me. Our commencement speaker pointed to the actual meaning of the ceremony: it is not finishing something; it is beginning.

To commence.

Probably Good Advice for Singles

There is a famous conversation that went down a couple of years ago between me and my friend Christie. Maybe it was infamous. Anyway, Christie and I were talking about the positive traits we had discovered about our husbands after we married. We were mentioning things like being good with money, knowing how to change diapers, being open-minded to new things, etc. Unfortunately, we were having this very positive conversation in the context of (and this is about the point when our husbands joined the table) “Things We’d Know To Look For If We Had To Get Married Again.”

I think you can see where things went wrong during that lunch hour. And our husbands still don’t believe that we were complimenting them.

You get us, right? I mean, who knew Dan would call my Mom when I’m sick (so she could bring over Mountain Dew) and teach the kids to let me nap while he fixed dinner? I wasn’t smart enough as a single to look for this kind of thing, but I totally lucked out! (He also does laundry. I knew this in theory, but in practice it is WAY better than I thought it would be. I mean, all the laundry.)

So, speaking of things to look for  . . . What are some of your spouse’s positive traits that you didn’t know about until after you married? Go ahead, brag!

Thinking About (Other) Moms (Of Course)

I’m sure you are buying your mother an iPad for Mother’s Day. That is clearly the most appropriate thing to do. But, just in case Macintosh Merriment is out of your budget, you might consider this new book by StoryCorps celebrating moms.

I’ve mentioned the StoryCorps initiative here. I’m a big fan of sharing our stories with one another. If you are the techie type, StoryCorps now has an iPhone app that let’s you listen to archived interviews and also gives advice for how to record your own.

For Mother’s Day, StoryCorps is also introducing an animated version of some of their recorded conversations. Go here and watch this one. Beautiful. You’ll thank me later.

And if you can’t afford the perfect iPad (upon which to install the StoryCorps app) or the nearly perfect StoryCorps book, you should just send her a link to this animated version of a StoryCorps interview and tell her thanks.

You’re welcome.