I Only Screamed a Little Bit

I Only Screamed a Little Bit

We did it! I know you want to know how Monday’s visit to the doctor’s office went and that is the summary: we did it!

Claire went into the morning very brave, telling us she planned to not even cry today. And she stuck to it for a long time, but when the set-up started taking longer than expected I saw the look on her face the moment her courage began to fail.

Before the actual shots, the doctor puts numbing cream around the injection sites in her calf and hamstring. While that medicine gets to work, Claire positions herself on the exam table with her arms draped over a pillow. We watch a YouTube instructional video for the line dance in the Hannah Montana Movie and wait. We make a false-alarm trip to the potty and then wait some more.

The doctor brings in the small electronic machine made to guide his placement of the injections, the biggest part of the waiting is over. She is doing so well, we all take our time. Too much time, apparently, because slightly before the alcohol wipes are smeared across her tiny legs, the tears began to flow.

“I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to!” Now my courage fails, but I smile anyway.

Put a rush on that, Dr. – we’re about to lose contact with all sense of perspective!

Now she actually has something to yell about as the doctor inserts the needle, injects Botox (lovingly termed nerve poison), repositions the needle under the skin, and injects more Botox.

“Owie! That hurts! Ohhhh! That hurts! . . . . ”

We take a short break while a second vial is loaded. Breaks aren’t good. She starts to cry, announcing again that she has changed her mind and does not want to go through with it after all.

“We know, Baby, it will be over soon.”

And it is, but not soon enough. Claire is wiping tears while we pull back on her jeans and notice the tiny broken blood vessels around her eyes and cheeks. “It’s all over, Baby.”

She sits up tall on the exam table, looking a little ashamed but still confident, “Yeah, I only screamed a little bit.”

We smile, knowing what a trouper she is.

“And I didn’t even spit at him.”

17 Replies to “I Only Screamed a Little Bit”

  1. She is going to LOVE you for this post some day! But there is so much “life lesson meat” in there. I cry with you, then you leave me rolling on the floor laughing. What a victory — no spitting. You go little trouper!

  2. Ugh, seeing your kids suffer is excruciating for parents. Tell Claire we are very proud of her for not spitting. After all, crying doesn’t mean she’s not brave, it just means she’s SMART! Congratulations to Mom and Dad on making it through in one piece, and for doing what’s best for your child even though it causes you both pain. A lesson for us all.

  3. You ache when your kids hurt, but the spitting? I’m cracking up, wouldn’t have occured to me to do that, but I’ll file it for futher reference. I don’t think as a grown-up (who am I kidding) I could get away with the crying, but the spitting……….just maybe 🙂 Give her a hug for us.

  4. I love it… the tears of understanding are spilling down my cheeks. Give that brave girl an extra hug from Logan!

  5. Unfortunately, the fact that Claire is proud of herself for NOT spitting at the doctor is because she HAS been known to do such a thing. When we first had her fitted for a brace at three year old, she didn’t have many words to express her frustration at the situation so she resorted to spitting when the crying alone was not getting the job done! She’s got spirit, that girl.

  6. I was right there with you in that room Felicity! That whole numbing cream thing never really worked for Ev. I think because, as you said, it makes the wait longer. The spitting thing is hilarious! I laughed so loud that someone came in my office to check on me! Miss Claire is the bravest little girl I know and her parents are incredibly brave also!!

  7. Well, I cried through the whole thing! Because I know it’s so hard on our precious little Claire and on her wonderful parents too!

    When I read it again I’ll laugh at the spitting part, but the first time through just made this grandma’s heart hurt! I love you all for your bravery — and you’re all my heroes! Tell Claire I’m very proud of her!

  8. Well, Grandpa Don still has tears. She is so brave and beautiful! In a little bit, when I regain my composure, I am going to go outside and spit on the devil in her honor. Maybe someday, I’ll be as brave as she is and as self-controlled and won’t need to spit anymore. Our prayers are for Jesus to completely heal her body and our hearts!

  9. Don’t worry, Grandma and Grandpa! Claire was her perky self two minutes after the whole ordeal. I figure everyone needs a testimony and this kind of thing will most certainly be part of hers. I believe a certain wise one among us once told his sons, “I’m glad I’m not perfect because if I was you wouldn’t need Jesus.” I know I can’t make Claire’s world perfect but that just means she needs Him more. And I KNOW He’s faithful.

  10. What a brave and courageous little girl! She is such a hoot! It is so hard to watch our kids go through tough times but wonderful to come out on the other side and see the victory! I died laughing about the spitting!! I remember when she DID spit at one of them!! What a nut!! Tell we are proud of her and her parents too!!

  11. Ditto to all the above. Well, except for those of you who still admit to wanting to spit at people. I’m too polite to admit it, even here. But spitting on the Devil in her honor? Now, Don, I think you are onto something!

  12. And I have the audacity to whine when I get a paper cut. How DARE I!!What a perspective reminder Felic, your little Claire is BRAVE I tell you, BRAVE! I long for the day she never ever has to get a shot again. Meanwhile I’ll be thankful they’re available to her while she needs them. Thanks for sharing this story, I’m always going to look to Claire when I need to remind myself how to be brave. 🙂

  13. This is the first time I have read this, for the first time I think I’m speechless. I have learned so much from your family and especially little Claire. What a great family and brave little girl.

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