Botox and Provision

Botox and Provision


It is another day of Botox fun for us. Claire’s hemiplegic CP is keeping the muscles of her leg really tight right now and her doctor has prescribed an aggressive treatment of Botox shots every 12 weeks as well as two new braces, one for night and one for day. Since we were still paying off the last round of Botox, our financial hopes were looking rather dim about this time last week.

But. God. You’ve heard that one, right? The one about blah, blah, blah, all my problems, blah, blah, blah . . . but God. And it isn’t like I’m one of those full of faith people. I usually manage to say I believe God will provide even though on the inside I’m thinking, of course, this time He might provide by forcing me to sell a kidney or something because He certainly isn’t in any hurry, is He!? Or something along that line.

Anyway, yes, we were financially in a jam and yet knowing that our window to make a difference in Claire’s less than 40 pound body was shrinking. Not getting these muscles under control now means a future of surgeries to cut tendons and muscles so that bones can grow straight. It means listening to the tears of a teenager who can’t walk without drawing extra attention (you’ve been there – being a teenager is rough enough!). All these thoughts and many much more dramatic versions were weighing on me like a sopping wet quilt.

Provision didn’t come in one swift movement. It came in many little steps of obedience and blessing. I signed up for a secondary insurance that wounded my pride a little but came through beautifully. I recieved an actual, downright miraculous gift – that I can’t tell you about because the giver wants all the attention to be given to God. Grandparents everywhere were offering support and moo-lah. These and a bunch of other little things started adding up to provision, to comfort, and to a reminder that God is able.

Pray for us today. Pray for our courage to hold up and our pain to pass quickly. Pray also for the doctors and scientists of this world looking for a better long term solution to Claire’s problem. For now, thank God for Botox and provision. Amen.

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  1. I remember in the hospital after we had all said goodbye to Ellery, and many of us were kind of stuck there emotionally, Uncle Kris and I wheeled you back to your recovery room, and you grabbed our hands and looked at us and said, “Make sure people don’t stop praying for Claire.” You’ve been fighting for her from the beginning. I know God’s answered before and He will continue to. She’s got the best mama in the world.

  2. We are pryaing for you and Claire. Our neurologist is excited about a break through study on folic acid and CP… she is having ALL of her patients get a spinal tap to check their levels… GREAT PROGRESS is being made, so she assures us. It may be worth check into for Claire.

  3. Thanks, Everyone!

    Tabitha, except for the spinal tap part, that study sounds interesting. Can I just start feeding her folic acid supplements? 🙂

  4. Keep lifting your arms up in the air Felicity Moses! All the rest of us Aarons & Hurs are there beside you helping to hold those arms in the air. The battle belongs to the Lord and we are some of the instruments He is using in this battle for this beautiful and precious Miss Claire!

    Love, Grandpa Don

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