Dear Claire,

Dear Claire,

claire21Today you are six! You’ve been practicing for this day for months now and it is finally here. You picked out a special blue sweater for school and I found pretty gold bows for your hair. We even used hairspray!

You were born on a Tuesday six years ago and Tuesdays have never been the same for me. You came in a hurry, you teeny, tiny little baby! But then you took your time in the hospital before we finally got to take you home. 115 days! The NICU was a big, busy place but you got lots of attention. You still like big, noisy places.

A few days after you were born Daddy read you a book called Good Night, Princess Pruny Toes. A sweet nurse had glued a red bow to your head and you slept on top of a fuzzy pink blanket. You looked like a little princess bird. We cried a little bit because we were so happy to have you, little bird. And you still likclaire11e princesses.

Tonight we will eat cupcakes with purple icing and give you gifts like Disney Princesses art supplies and a cute purple dress. You will probably laugh a lot and shout, “I rock!”

I’ll probably get a little teary eyed when you blow out those six hot pink candles. You might even say, “Mom, WHY are you crying?!” But don’t worry about me. I just couldn’t be happier that you are here and I can’t wait to see what you’ll say to me next year.claire3

Happy Birthday, Claire Bear!

You certainly are the life of our party!

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  1. And now I’ve had my breakdown. It really wasn’t fair of you to write so beautifully about this treasure in our lives while I’m sleep-deprived from the newest treasure. If Claire were here, she could ask why I am crying.

  2. Yea, this is the mushiest, crying-est day I’ve had in a long time. And they’re such happy tears. Happy tears are the best. I’m glad you put recent pictures of her up. I’m going to link to them from my post now. I love you, Lic!! And I adore your strong, adorable little Claire.

  3. I’m sitting in the computer room at school — crying. What a priceless treasure she is to all of us who know her and love her! Although I will probably always cry on her birthday — your lovely writing deeply touched my heart, Felicity! Thanks for your thoughts.

  4. Since I am a somewhat emotional person this just kept me in the vein. Our lives are so much fuller from what we went through together and for having the privilege of knowing this beautiful little girl and sharing in her awesome life.

  5. O.K. that’s it, I actually have a hemmorage in my right eye from crying so much in the last two day’s (yeah, I look swell) you guys are killing me…………..I love it! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLAIR!

  6. Happy birthday to a remarkable little girl! Your story continues to tug at my heart strings. Someday you will discover what I already know–you were born into a most incredible family!

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