The Common Uncommon

I hadn’t thought of this before, but Leap Day is the perfect day to celebrate Rare Rocks. This whole year is really a celebration of the Uncommon. Every other year is just a common year, but Leap Year is called the Uncommon Year.

Fortunately, Leap Years are actually more of a Common Uncommon. I mean, they roll around every four years, making them special but not freakishly strange. I think Rare Rocks are like that. We are trying to live a life that stands above the frey, believing in a Spirit world and the God who made it. We are striving for virtue and living in a way that tries to make a difference at least in our own respective corners of the world. We may be few, but we are mighty.

When I was 11, Halley’s Comet came through our part of the Universe. This is a once in a lifetime event (basically – someone could catch it twice, but since it appears every 75 years, one of those times they probably won’t remember it). We prepared for it in school for weeks, reading all about comets and stars. Halley’s Comet is Uncommon.


But, like Leap Day, a Rare Rock is more of a Common Uncommon.  We are rare enough to be exceedingly valuable, but common enough to wear everyday. We are royalty, but we live among the people. The Common Uncommon.

So, today we celebrate the Common Uncommon. How should we do it? Good question.  I had breakfast with my sister, one of the first Rare Rocks I ever knew. It isn’t something we get to do as often as we would like and there was no special occasion (except Leap Day, now that I think about it). And we ate and talked too much and laughed. By our presence, we celebrated each other, which is, in a way, celebrating the Common Uncommon.

Tag: Nearest Book

This Tag came from Anne of Good Girl Lit. I’ve seen it on a few other blogs and thought, that’s kind of cute – I hope no one sends it to me. And then Anne picked me and I was like, oh, how sweet! I’m one of her blog friends! Then the remorse hits. I don’t have enough blog friends to send this Tag on. I have all the same friends as Serenity.

But, anyway, here are the rules:

1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

Since I use my laptop all over the house, I waited until I got to my room to put this Tag in action. On my bedside table is Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird. This is one of the most famous books on writing. I’m still trying to find the time to read it all, but I’ve enjoyed it so far.

Page 123 is in a chapter called “Jealousy.” You should know that Lamott is sarcastic and brutally honest. I love her style. In this instance, she is writing about what will happen to you, a writer, when your friend, also a writer, finds success. It is hilarious in a sadly true kind of way:

You are going to have a number of days in a row where you hate everyone and don’t believe in anything. If you do know the author whose turn it is, he or she will inevitably say that it will be your turn next, which is what the bride always says to you at each successive wedding, while you grow older and more decayed. It can wreak just the tiniest bit of havoc with your self-esteem to find that you are hoping for small bad things to happen to this friend –for, say, her head to blow up.

See what I mean, you laugh to yourself thinking, that’s outrageous, and then you think, and kind of true. Humanity. Thank God for Jesus (as one of my friends used to say).

If you are reading this and you have a blog, you are tagged! That means you Lori and Andrea and Amy B. (And now don’t you feel like I just put a chain letter in your hands? You know bad things will happen if you don’t send it on. Which means I’m doomed!)

My Favorite Part: The Oscars

You’ll love Serenity’s post about the Oscar party her friend Michelle threw for her. Red carpet and everything!

I wasn’t home and I don’t get ABC anyway, but I did catch some clips on YouTube, especially those mentioned by Seren. I loved the winning song from Once. That was beautiful. Almost as lovely were the acceptance speeches of the writers (who were also the actors in the movie). They were all about believing in your dreams and not giving up. (In really cute accents, which only serves to reinforce the magic!)

But my favorite part came when Jon Stewart brought the girl back out after the commercial break. She had been cut off and didn’t get a chance to give her acceptance. Stewart ushered her toward the microphone and said, “Enjoy your moment!”

How insightful of him. That was her moment and if he hadn’t stepped in, it would have been robbed from her. How gallant.  I teared up a little after he said that. He is Hollywood, afterall, and sometimes we imagine that they have no idea what matters to people in the real world. But in that gesture, he knew.

I loved it. It was my favorite part.

Love for the MacBook

I just spent the morning with my sister. We weren’t in the same town, but we hung out together while we fed our children and surfed the Internet. It was awesome. Thank you, MacBook camera!

Sometimes I worry that the conveniences of the digital age are more trouble than they are worth, but when I can spend a quiet morning with my 8 month-old AND my sister – while we are both in the warm comfort of our own homes – this is SWEET!

Here we are video chatting with Aunt Serenity:


New Header

What do you think? I kept looking at WordPress templates and nothing looked like “Rare Rocks.” But I also kept seeing the phrase “customizable header.” Hmm…I’d think, wonder what that means?

Well, WordPress must have had a techie somewhere who thought, I bet really nontechnical people have no idea how to customize a header. Bless you, man! I tried once. I googled it and I read the page about it and I almost started to cry. I am so NOT technical.

But someone knew that. Today there were new very explicit directions under the heading “How to Customize Your Header.” I stole an image from the Internet and BAM! a customized header.

By the way, those are rough uncut diamonds. Don’t you love a compassionate tech person?

A Rare Find: Pretty and Polished Day

This article is up at Radiant magazine today. Author Christina Holder organizes one Saturday a month when she and several friends go to nursing homes and give the women residents manicures. I love this simple idea for reaching out and loving the women around you. If you are looking for a fun girl adventure for Valentine’s Day, maybe you could take an hour or two out for something like this. It’s a very Rare Rock kind of thing!