In my Disciplines of Life class today we decided that practically every relational problem we ever encounter could probably be solved with a good dose of humility. Think about it. The only person we have to please in this life is God. He is our only Judge. (And He made provision for us with the best Defense Attorney ever, so we can’t lose!) But pride makes us speak up and defend ourselves in an argument. We don’t have to tell God we didn’t have a bad attitude…He already knows our inner heart. He knows our motivation. We counter because we want everyone else to know we are right.

If we were really living just to please Him, it would never bother us when someone misunderstands our intent and accuses us falsely. It would never bother us to work hard on something and not get any recognition. It would never bother us to be seen in public with someone ugly or odd. It would never bother us to be caught without our house clean or our make-up done. None of that would bother us because we wouldn’t be worried about what others thought; we would depend on God for our feedback.

Humility would allow men of differing opinions to fellowship together anyway because it doesn’t matter who is right. Humility would allow us to serve one another without checking theological backgrounds. Humility would allow us to love without condition.

Think of someone you know who is humble. How do you know? When you figure out what kinds of actions or words make them appear humble, mimic that. Our class decided to stretch our humble muscles today and see what happens in our souls.

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